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Brand Film

Working with long-time collaborator and friend, Tal Baltuch, we created a 60-second brand film for tech startup, Atera.

Atera’s groundbreaking AI-powered IT solution is blowing the dust off outdated IT support systems to help businesses hit maximum efficiency.

To encapsulate this revolutionary approach, we juxtaposed retro computer equipment with a sleek and minimal modern aesthetic, transforming a tired and outdated workstation into a productivity juggernaut using the power of AI.

Brand Film



An antiquated and inefficient office environment; reinvigorated by advanced technology.


Systems of information take on an organic form, morphing and adapting effortlessly to any situation.


Client Atera
Agency Mamash Production
Direction Tal Baltuch, Yambo
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Producer Gal De-Lange
2D Animation and Comp Tal Baltuch
Look Development Michele Resenterra, Steward Lupercio,
Michael Agaltsov, Setu Choudhary, Christian Romero, Cris Labno
3D Animation Riccardo Bottoni, Matteo Forghieri, Michael Agaltsov
Dust Particle Simulations Ezequiel Grand
Background Nebula Simulation Yambo
Music and Sound Design The Soundery
Voice over Victoria Lynn
Intern Indrajit Sarkar