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Dissrup Labs by Yambo Studio

Dissrup was Yambo Studio’s very own digital art platform, designed and built on the blockchain, and opened to the public in September 2021.

Dissrup was intended as a launchpad for digital artists to enter the art market in a way that had been impossible prior to the arrival of blockchain and the ethereum network.

Over the course of a year, Dissrup collaborated with a selection of incredible artists to break new ground in the digital art space. We called these special artistic collaborations: ‘Dissrup Drops’.

Digital Art Platform



In the run up to the official launch of the platform, Dissrup collaborated with a selection of artists to create a range of artworks that encapsulated the essence of a new beginning.


Genesis 0x1 by Somei Sun and Yambo
Firmament by Gonzzzalo and Yambo
Material Formation by Yambo
Belongings by BO.VK
Poop-eye by Bumpy Junkie
I Miss You by Vini Naso
Diome by Dexamol

Acid Pool

Acid Pool was the first official Dissrup drop, marking the launch of the platform in September 2021 with collectibles and an artwork by UV Zhu.
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A collection of phygital and digital bean bags designed by Borja Alegre. Available in an edition of 10 physical pieces.
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Curious Creatures

A collection of 10 animated digital creatures designed by Zhemin Wang. Each is a medley of nostalgic references, evoking the plastic forms of our favourite childhood toys.
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An edition of 10 phygital NFTs designed as part of LIRONA’s iconic #boiz collection. The drop sold out in minutes, and was collected by some of the industry’s biggest collectors.
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Salty Heads

We connected with digital fashion designer and artist, Max Salzborn to launch his innovative collection of digital headwear collectibles.
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An unreleased Dissrup production.

Working In collaboration with Love Hultén, Andreas Wannerstedt was able to bring his iconic satisfying animations into the real world.

The Veil

Working together with Alex Manrique and Golan Taub, we created a phygital jacket designed to adapt to any digital environment. The Veil was never released.


An unreleased project created in collaboration with contemporary sculptor, Leo Caillard. Fortunately Leo was able to release the project independently after a short delay.


Alongside Dissrup Drops, the platform hosted a whole community of multi-disciplinary artists, ranging from painters and 3D specialists to textile and production designers.

Below is a selection of pieces minted on the platform during the time Dissrup was live.


Salon Vert by Benoit Challand
Madonna and Egg and Contemplation (Heloise) by Shir Pakman
Laces by Simon Appel
Fear-Fate by Alex Trochut
Es Porxo by Joan Garcia Pons
Sugar Pill by Artur De Menezes
Petting Zoo - Flies 1 by M9U
Moonlight Routine - Felix the Cat by Alberto Carbonell
Gaia x by Ada Sokol
Exhausted by BO.VK
Crime of the Heart by Ruslan Vyaltsev
Sunset by Bumpy Junkie
Biostructures 001 by Alexandros Mavrogiannis
Slug Slam by Anton Hjertstedt