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AutoStore FusionPort

Reuniting with AutoStore and Studio Oker, we delivered a pair of product features for AutoStore’s latest picking solutions: the FusionPort and FusionPort Staging stations.

Two short spots highlighting the many advanced features of AutoStore's FusionPort and FusionPort Staging systems, including their ergonomic design, highly compact build, and simple PTL picking indication system.

Showcased within a variety of large-scale warehouse operations, the FusionPort systems are designed to be relied on as the fundamental component to any warehouse picking operation.

Product Feature



FusionPort is AutoStore's most compact and streamlined warehouse picking solution. We created a short product feature demonstrating its powerful features and enhanced design.


FusionPort Staging takes the features of the FusionPort, and adds order staging functionality to complete the picking workflow.


Creative Direction Yambo
Production Clem Shepherd
Agency Studio Oker
Look Development Michele Resenterra, Alejandro Olmedo,
Alex Petrovsky, Borja Alegre, Ami Sheetrit, Pol Escarrer

3D Animation Matteo Forghieri, Leandro Beltran
Riccardo Bottoni

2D Animation Ana Freitas
Music and Sound Giovanni Dubini