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Handelsbanken 3D Typography Assets

Working with Boston Consulting Group, we were tasked with creating a set of 3D typographic explorations, to be featured as part of Handelsbanken’s brand identity.

Communicating brand values and services through detailed and warm material references and polished visuals, we paired the discretion and sophistication of highly realistic, luxury materiality with understated camera movement and subtle simulations.

Delivered across various aspect ratios, this dynamic system of materials and simulations was designed to slot into any context with ease.

Branding Assets



Client Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Creative Direction Yambo
Production Clem Shepherd
3D Animation, Simulation and Look Development
Dmitry Kulikov, Ariel Ting Wei Lu, Artemy Perevertin,
Steward Lupercio, Alexandros Mavrogiannis,
Nil Estany Costa, Vitaly Anfarov, Roy Rosen

Colour and Post Production Danil Tabacari
Intern Indrajit Sarkar