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Huawei Cindy

Huawei’s Nova Cindy phones are the latest instalment in Huawei’s powerful Nova lineup; equipped with a powerful processor, 5G, and a unique back texture.

During the peak of the Coronavirus, we crafted four mini films that accentuate the captivating new features of the Cindy.

Product Feature



Client Huawei
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Animation Alex Petrovsky, Ezequiel Leiva, Alex Levinton
Look Development Alberto Carbonell, Nemanja Ivanovich, Yambo
3D Artists Gonzalo Miranda, Florian Baumann, Lisander Qorri,
Marco Gifuni

Stills Retouching Andy Lipe
On Set Supervisor Humberto Paytuvy
Agency Redhorse Films
Direction Yambo
Lighting and Shading Nemanja Ivanovich
Compositing Artem Ostapenko, Sergey Frolov, Humberto Paytuvy
Original Music and Sound The Soundery