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Island Browser
Brand Film

We were approached by Island to help them encapsulate the quiet revolution that is their unique browser: the world of work, as it should be.

In this new world, Island is a subtle force of nature, simplifying and adapting the environment into a streamlined and beautiful place where impediments are cleared, chaos is organised, workflows are optimised, and complexity is simplified, bringing the world of work into a state of harmony.

Simple camera movements accentuate a sequence of mesmerising natural phenomena, unfolding gradually as the sun passes across the land. Over the course of a single day, Island has changed the way we work.

Brand Film


The Booth

The film was displayed as part of Island's RSA Security Conference experience. The Browser itself also featured stills from the film.


A selected of R&D work including unused environment explorations and early FLIP simulation development work.


Client Island Browser
Creative Direction Yambo, Clem Shepherd
Production Clem Shepherd
Look Dev Michele Resenterra, Simon Kaempfer,
Nil Estany, Dmitry Kulikov, Dor Sagiv
Animation Riccardo Bottoni, Nil Estany, Dor Sagiv,
Michael Agaltsov
Tree Simulation Nil Estany, Dmitry Kulikov
River Simulation Vitaly Anfarov
Grass and Particle Simulations Roy Rosen
Colour and Post Processing Dor Sagiv
2D Graphics Dor Sagiv, Clem Shepherd
2D Animation Dor Sagiv
Intern Indrajit Sarkar
Sound Design and Music The Soundery