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Lego Dots

We had the pleasure of creating a range of CGI sequences for a wholesome product feature showcasing Lego’s new Dots sets in action.

Lego Dots offer a fun new way to explore visual design through repeating shapes, colours and motifs.

Created in collaboration with 1st Ave Machine.

Product Feature



Client Lego
Directed by Henri and Sebastian
3D & CGI by Yambo Studio
3D Artists Yambo, Dan Zucco, Alex Petrovsky, Ricardo Bottoni
Lighting & Shading Nemanja Ivanovich
Lego Producer Holly Edwards

1stAveUK team
Executive Producer Holly Restieaux
Line Producer Mike Capon

1stAveBA team
Executive Production Leticia Christoph, Lautaro Brinatti
Direction Hernan Aragunde & Sebastian Sanz
Line Producer Valeria Gigli