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MSI: 'Create Beyond'

MSI’s powerful lineup of computers and displays effortlessly integrates top-line performance with reliable stability.

We created four short films to highlight the main user groups of MSI’s workstations. Each spot was designed with regard to the specific user group’s needs and ideal workspace.

The result is a robust collection of four films that reveal the Powerfully adaptable nature of MSI’s machines.

Product Features



Floating soft body objects break free from the confines of the screen and out into the world around them.


Working with Antian Imeri, we deployed his signature balanced sculptures throughout the film as recurring motif.


Original illustrations by Tom Melnick helped visualise this translation between the world of 2D and 3D.


Client MSI
Creative Direction Yambo
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Look Development Nemanja Ivanovich, Thais Altes
3D Artists Thais Altes, Daniel Luna, Sergey Vorocheck,
Antian Imeri

UI Design Alexandru Circo
Script David Martin
Research & Development Maciek Martyniuk, Pablo
Schiavo, Antian Imeri
Illustration Tom Melnik
Simulations Bruno Canales
Music & Sound Design The Soundery