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Next Silicon

A brand film we designed for the Israeli Tech Startup, Next Silicon.

Using a bold colour palette and high contrast visuals, we aimed to create a disruptive and memorable first impression for a cutting-edge brand leading a multi-industry tech revolution.

Created in collaboration with Space Cat Video and Tal Baltuch.

Brand Film


Next Silicon logo floats in front of a skyscraper window
Closeup of an illuminated window in an abstract office block
Medium shot of a simplified building with orange lights coming on inside
Cityscape with an orange glow emanating from its centre
A syringe framed over a purple gradient background


Responsive IT systems monitor events and administer solutions rapidly in real time.
Dramatic high contrast forest clearing with a deer visible on the horizon set against a saturated orange background
Closeup silhouette of a stag set against a dramatic saturated orange backdrop
Closeup of a motherboard under construction
Layers of silicon hover over each other ready to stack together


Many components come together to form a vastly complex data network that shifts and evolves in response to new information.


Client Next Silicon
Film by Space Cat Video and Yambo
Direction Tal Baltuch, Yambo
Production Yambo Studio
Story and Script Liat Yoffe
Writing Laura Ferguson
Lead CGI Mariusz Becker, Nemanja Ivanovich, Yambo
Lead Animation Alex Petrovsky, Ezequiel Leiva
Cityscapes Ilya Tsvetkov
PCB Design & Shading Roman Tikhonov
Protein Simulations Ronen Tanchum
Music & Sound Design The Soundery
VO Liav Sverdlov (represented by Tarika Zohar)
Space Cat office Lir Abergil
Special thanks to Elad Raz and the Next Silicon team:
Oshri Kdoshim, Adam Weitzman, Yehuda Mizrah