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Oppo R17

We helped Oppo to unveil the brand new Oppo R17, the first smartphone to include the use of Gorilla Glass 6.

Gorilla Glass 6 is a brand of chemically-strengthened glass that ensures stability and resilience in your phone while maintaining a sleek profile.

A Snapdragon 670 chip and stunningly clear screen complete the package.

Product Feature



A short behind-the-scenes overview of the creative and technical processes behind the Oppo R17 spot.


Client Oppo China
Direction Yambo, Mariusz Becker
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Coordinator Somei Sun
3D Artists Rory McLean, Thom Haig, Mariusz Becker,
Yambo, Jonathan Lindgren, Nemanja Ivanovic
Animation Yambo, Jonathan Lindgren, Rory McLean
Organic Scene Dev Rory McLean
Shading Mariusz Becker, Jeff Briant, Yambo
Phone Shading Raphael Rau, Nemanja Ivanovic
Simulations Ronen Tanchum
Hands Sculpting Ruan Els
Hands Rigging Yonatan Wasserman
Compositing Ilya Marcus
Sound Design The Soundery