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Brand Film

We worked with crypto asset management innovators, SafePal, to imagine an idyllic digital world that encapsulated the excitement of the burgeoning crypto-space, and the rich rewards that await those looking for a new kind of adventure.

The resulting short film highlights the key features of their expanding product range, including the desktop extension, ‘S1’ hardware wallet and phone application — a multi-dimensional, fast-paced world brimming with opportunity and potential.

Brand Film



A thriving, idyllic landscape encapsulates a sense of realised potential; a propserous world brimming with opportunity.


D’apps and other components of the SafePal experience visualised as a system of physical objects.


A soft and fluid journey through the user experience — moving seamlessly between devices.


One favorite bedroom from the movie designed together with Joan Garcia Pons.


Client SafePal
Creative Direction Yambo
Production Clem Shepherd
Look Development Steward Lupercio, Joan Garcia Pons,
Alejandro Olmedo, Krisztina Vichnál, Danil Tabacari,
Federico Picci, Lucas Barbuzzi, Victoria Kociman

3D Animation Riccardo Bottoni (lead), Federico Picci,
Alejandro Olmedo, Carol Erique

2D Animation André Peixoto
Sound Design The Soundery
Colour & Compositing Yambo