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Yambo Studio:
Rebrand 2024

We decided to celebrate 10 years of Yambo Studio with a full rebrand and website re-design.

Built on a streamlined, minimal grid system, and incorporating a sharp, adaptive typographic language, the new site is an update for the times, showcasing a decade's worth of commercial projects, alongside Yambo's all-new Objects output: an ongoing exploration of the intersection between advanced technology and physical craft,.

The rollout was accompanied by a light 3D exploration and branding assets, all visible below.




Alongside our commercial work, the new website also showcases Yambo's 'Objects' series — an ongoing creative exploration where AI and creative intuition converge to form subject expressions of our cultural climate in the form of bold and colourful sculpted works.
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Creative Direction Yambo
Production Clem Shepherd
Website Design Yambo, Clem Shepherd, Jaeyou Chung, Dor Sagiv
Look Development Yambo, Clem Shepherd, Dor Sagiv
Sound Design The Soundery
Objects Assistant Ayca Noel
Typefaces Chosen by Jaeyou Chung:
Basis Grotesque by Colophon Foundry,
Kalice by Margot Lévêque

Intern Indrajit Sarkar