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AutoStore VLS

A clear and minimal visual exploration of Norwegian robotic warehouse innovator, AutoStore’s advanced modular storage and organisation system.

The VLS film is a 45-second spot that highlights the space-saving, functional efficiency of AutoStore’s streamlined, ‘Very Large System’ (VLS). VLS brings even the most advanced, large-scale warehouse operations into perfect harmony.

Produced in collaboration with Norwegian design studio, Studio Oker.

Product Feature



Clean and satisfying detail shots of the VLS grid as it is constructed within the warehouse space.


AutoStore VLS is designed to allow for flexibility and scalability across any sector, within any existing infrastructure. We used a variety of expanding warehouse layouts to encapsulate this high level versatility.


Creative Direction Yambo
Production Clem Shepherd
Agency Studio Oker
Look Development Michele Resenterra, Steward Lupercio
Animation Riccardo Bottoni, Alex Petrovsky, Fede Mohr
Music and Sound Giovanni Dubini