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Vivo Y71

Vivo China wanted an in-device video presentation of their new Y71 model; something that would appeal to a younger audience in a vibrant and playful way that also showcased some of the phone’s key features.

By combining fluid animations, colourful environments and an energetic soundtrack, we offered users a perfect first impression of the Vivo Y71.

Product Feature



Client VIVO China
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Director Yambo
Creative Direction Jonathan Lindgren,
Mariusz Becker, Yambo
Lead 3D Jonathan Lindgren
Shading Mariusz Becker, Yambo, Rich Nosworthy
Additional 3D Jeff Briant, Ruye, Rich Nosworthy
Phone Modelling Nick Zieroff, Chris Schofield
Compositing and Colour Bold Studio
Typography Animation and Design Bold Studio
Music and Sound Design Luke Brown
Mixing and Mastering Luke Brown
Special Thanks Tal Baltuch
Agency Visual Signal Tao (Beijing)