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Wix: Editor X

We connected with Wix once again to help them advertise the launch of their most powerful website creation tool to date: Editor X.

Offering near-unlimited customisability and creative control, Editor X puts the full power of web development at your fingertips.

With custom breakpoints, fully interactive elements, and flexible layout grids, making a sleek and fluid website has never been so simple.

Product Film



Client Wix
Direction Eyal Sabag
Content Design / Direction / Animation
Wix Broadcast Team
CGI Production Yambo Studio
3D Artists Jordi Pages, Alexandros Mavrogiannis,
Alex Patrovski, Yambo
Lighting and Shading Nemanja Ivanovich
Simulations Bruno Canales
Producer Gili Stolero
Video Project Design and Construction
Hezi Jacob, Guy Levin, Eliraz Dekalo
Compositing Wix Broadcast Team
Music and Sound Design The Soundery