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Wix Studio

Working closely with the creative team at Wix, we designed a range of supporting interior scenes and light animations for the Wix Studio launch trailer.

Wix Studio is an all-new web design platform designed specifically for industry professionals, designed to offer deliver maximum flexibility and unbridled creativity.

Featuring an assortment of warm and tasteful interior settings, the carefully curated 3D studio space embodies the high-end user experience, showcasing the ways in which Wix Studio is able to unlock creative freedom on the web.

Product Launch


A small office space is
partially concealed behind a frosted glass partition
CLoseup of a stack of magazines piled on a light wooden shelf


Client Wix
Creative Direction Wix
CGI Production Yambo
Production Clem Shepherd
Look Development Michele Resenterra, Steward Lupercio,
Michael Agaltsov

Animation Riccardo Bottoni, Matteo Forghieri,
Michael Agaltsov
Intern Indrajit Sarkar