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Xiaomi Redmi 5

The Redmi 5 is an exciting new release in the lineup of Xiaomi’s ultra-popular phones.

Featuring the same extensive list of features, the Redmi 5 rounds out this complete package with a full-screen display and the impressive battery capacity that Redmi has become notorious for.

Product Feature



Client Xiaomi China
Direction Yambo
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Co-Direction Jeff Briant, Somei
Creative Direction Yambo, Mariusz Becker
Animation Jeff Briant, Jonathan Lindgren, Yambo
R&D and Simulations Ruye, Yambo
Shading Mariusz Becker, Jeff Briant, Yambo
Phone Modelling Chris Schofield
Screen Fluid Background Yaniv Gorali
Compositing Jeff Briant