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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Redmi phones have become notorious for extensive features, outstanding quality, and exceeding user’s expectations.

This spot is our second for the Redmi Series, wielding a fresh and electrifying use of neon lights, palm trees and leaves to creatively highlight the Note’s variety of superpowers.

Product Feature



We travel through many different environments to encapsulate a sense of adventure, and reflect the versatility of the device.


Client Xiaomi China
Direction Tal Baltuch, Yambo
CGI Production Yambo Studio
Creative Direction Yambo, Tal Baltuch, Mariusz Becker
Animation Lead Jonathan Lindgren
3D Artists Jonathan Lindgren, Scott Geersen, Yambo,
Jeff Briant, Drew Nelson
Simulations Yaniv Goralli, Ezequiel Grand
Landscapes Scott Geersen, Ezequiel Grand
Phone Modeling Chris Schofield, Nick Zieroff
Compositing, Colour and Titles Tal Baltuch
Music and Sound Design The Soundery